Backflow Certification: Class Highlights

Certification Courses generally run from Monday through Friday and run from 8am-5pm. This course is based on American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) and University of Southern California (USC) guidelines and test procedures.

Completing this course and passing both the written and practical exams will certify you as a Backflow Assembly Tester. It will also provide you with eligibility for registration with the Iowa Backflow Tester Certification Program, and/or certify you as a Nebraska Grade XI Water Operator.

The Lecture portion of this class will cover:

  • Plumbing code requirements
  • Hazard assessments and conducting cross-connection control surveys
  • Device identification and applications
  • USC field test procedures

The lab portion of this class will cover:

  • Checking test kit calibration
  • USC field test procedures on the RPZ, DC, SVB and PVB devices
  • Hands on practice with working assemblies and simulated failures

Concludes with:

  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam

Testing equipment will be available; however, if you have your own equipment, please bring it with you.

We offer an on-site Calibration Lab at all of our Certification and Recertification classes. Read more about that here.

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